• Inland Equity Partnership Statement Re: Deadly Shootings in Georgia

    Inland Equity Partnership grieves for the families and communities of numerous Asian community members murdered in Georgia on March 16, 2021 by senseless gun violence and anti-Asian racism. We hope those wounded survive these atrocious attacks and we continue to condemn all forms of hate.

    The Inland Equity Partnership sees these killings as hate crime and domestic terrorism. We are calling on our elected officials to declare it as such and to publicly issue statements to condemn these racist crimes. 

  • Medical insurance in the United States is a huge problem

    Medical insurance in the United States is a huge problem. Many Americans go without it and especially after COVID-19, have our health system issues become more glaring in the healthcare aspect. Currently, the healthcare finance structure is made of an impressively complicated network of multiple payers, involving both private and government health insurance options.

  • CAP Response to the 2020 January CA State Budget Announcement

    “Put simply, the Governor’s budget aims to address a large array of proposals, across many issue areas, with relatively small dollar amounts." Legislative Analyst Office

    Governor Newsom released his proposed 2020-21 State Budget. The budget includes updated revenue estimates on California’s large budget surplus. The Legislative Analyst’s Office is projecting another $7.5 billion dollar surplus.

  • CAP Review of the 2019-20 Riverside County Budget

    “The scariest part of the county budget is that we are enjoying a strong economy with nice revenue increases, and yet the county is still unable to make ends meet in these good times. If it’s bad now, what’s it going to look like when the economy goes over the bubble and revenues start shrinking?”

    ~Supervisor Kevin Jeffries, Press Enterprise June 7th 1919


  • CAP Review of the 2019-20 San Bernardino County Budget

    San Bernardino County's 2019-20 Recommended Budget, as presented in the Recommended Budget Book was changed quite a bit in the weeks leading up to the June 25th Board of Supervisors meeting. The changes from the 2019-20 Recommended Budget Book are detailed in attachments linked in the footnotes of the meeting and this document.

  • Response to Governor Newsom’s 2019 May Revision

    Governor Newsom’s May Revision includes updated revenue estimates on California’s $21 billion dollar budget surplus. With the government reports of historic lows in unemployment and record highs in the stock market, California’s lawmakers need to make investments in California’s health and human services to strengthen the safety net for the 20% of Californians being pushed into poverty by the high costs of housing and health care.