• Strong Start for CalWorks/Child Care Families- Budget Hearing

    Strong Start for CalWorks/Child Care Families- Budget Hearing

    Call to Action: Strong Start for CalWorks/Child Care Families- Budget Hearing Today!
    Attend the committee meeting and give public comment! 
    Wednesday, April 3rd 
    2:30 pm
    State Capitol Room 126 
    (We're number 6 on the agenda)

    Sample Tweets and please tag committee members below:

    "Our CalWORKs families are doing everything they can to get ahead. We can’t hold them back. Let’s start with 12-month approvals for stage 1 to 2 transitions. #321StrongStart

  • Unity Coalition: BOS Community Rally "Terminate Michael Selyem"

    Unity Coalition: BOS Community Rally "Terminate Michael Selyem"

    The Unity Coalition will be delivering a petition of over 75,000+ signatures to the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors calling for the termination of San Bernardino County District DA's prosecutor Michael Selyem. Prosecutors and district attorneys are the gatekeepers of America’s criminal justice system. No single person plays a larger role in the machine of mass criminalization and incarceration of poor people and people of color in our country. No person who thinks and speaks like this needs to be a prosecutor of justice in this country.

  • IE HEAT Partnership Table

    Hiring, Equipment, Accountability, & Training (HEAT) has composed over 100 listening sessions and research meetings with community members, clergy, and community based organizations, to meet with the Riverside Police Department, and having a common goal of connecting community and public safety.

    This will be the third of a program of six (6) monthly tables bringing together Cops, Community, and Clergy to discuss issues of public safety. At this meeting, we will be discussing the Equipment the Riverside Police Department purchases, and how it's used.

  • Community Response on San Bernardino County Budget

    Community Response on San Bernardino County Budget

    Join us to an upcoming Community Response to the recently passed San Bernardino County budget. On September 11th, San Bernardino County Board of Supervisor’s meeting, California Partnership and other partners will be there to speak during public comments on various issues that pertain to social services, housing, general plan, environmental justice issues, and restorative justice.

  • Dignity Now!

    We are facing an unprecedented Senior Care Crisis across California and the Country. We are facing a shortage of caregivers to address the spiking growth of our Senior population. Here in the Inland Empire alone an estimated 18,170 additional caregivers are going to be needed by the year 2024. Caregivers provide lifesaving healthcare to their clients everyday but most of them are living in poverty and have little to no access for training, basic hygienic equipment (such as gloves) nor healthcare for themselves.

  • Our History

    California Partnership (CAP) represents the statewide concerns about a bill to reauthorize Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) created in 1996 and replaced the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program. CAP and aligned statewide partners have united and act in concert on issues of joint concern – who together have decades of experience organizing immigrants, refugees, people of color, and low-income Californians to address racial and economic disparities and improve quality of life in our state.

  • Medicare4All BarneStorm 2/9/2019

    Medicare4All BarneStorm 2/9/2019

    Community leaders from all over the Coachella Valley came to support California Nurses Association(CNA). The plan of the event is to help educate our communities to action to help bring Medicare to all Californian residents with an emphasis to reach Medicare for all at the national level. California Partnership(CAP) and Coachella Valley Immigrant Dignity (CVID) co-hosted with CNA to helps get the community connected with the local and state level work of Medicare for all.

  • California Partnership

    Inland Equity Partnership was formerly California Partnership. California Partnership (CAP) was founded in 2003 in response to the gutting of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. The response grew into a statewide coalition of community groups responding to the continued cuts in programs which serve people living in poverty. CAP has worked to end the maximum family grant from ​ CalWORKs​ and the lifetime ban for people with felony convictions. We worked to support Health4All Kids​ for undocumented youth.