March 30, 2020



Rusty Bailey, Riverside Mayor

Erin Edwards, Riverside City Councilmember Ward 1

Andy Melendrez, Riverside City Councilmember Ward 2

Ronaldo Fierro, Riverside City Councilmember Ward 3

Chuck Conder, Riverside City Councilmember Ward 4

Gaby Plascencia, Riverside City Councilmember Ward 5

Jim Perry, Riverside City Councilmember Ward 6

Steve Hemenway, Riverside City Councilmember Ward 7



Re: March 31st, 2020, Riverside City Council Meeting for COVID-19 Moratorium against Evictions and Bill Relief resolutions with recommended revisions


Riverside City Council and Mayor,

  Here is our revised recommendations and questions related to COVID 19 Moratorium Against Evictions and Bill Relief resolution introduced by Riverside City Councilmembers.




Councilmembers Fierro and Hemenway and Councilwoman Plascencia recommend a Resolution of the City Council of the City of Riverside, California, establishing a temporary moratorium on the eviction for non-payment of rent for residential and commercial tenants during the declared local emergency, for 60 days - Waive further reading (All Wards)


California Partnership (CAP) Revisions/Recommendations/Questions:   Include a spread out payment plan for a year, after the suspension ends


A temporary moratorium on the eviction of residential and commercial tenants due to non-payment of rent in relation to the COVID-19 crisis is hereby imposed, subject to the following requirements: a. The tenant is to notify their landlord before the day the rent is due, with the circumstances surrounding their inability to pay the entire rent. 


CAP Revisions/Recommendations/Questions: Defining “in relation to the COVID-19 crisis” is necessary because many people are going to lose their jobs and have reduced hours as the social distancing order is in place. Will this moratorium provide them protection? When will the council decide that the people who have been devastated by this crisis need to be made homeless?)


 b. If able, the tenant should make an effort to pay a portion of their monthly rent. 


CAP Revisions/Recommendations/Questions: none


c. The tenant and the landlord should work out a payment plan with a minimum of four (4) months after the repeal of the Local Emergency in which to pay back the rent owed. No late fees are to be imposed on the late rent. 


CAP Revisions/Recommendations/Questions: instead of four (4) months that it extends to a year for the payment plan.


d. The landlord is entitled to collect full monthly rent owed after the repeal of the Local Emergency. 


CAP Revisions/Recommendations/Questions: none


2. The temporary moratorium will not relieve the tenant from their obligation to pay rent nor will it restrict the landlord’s ability to recover rent that is due after the termination of the moratorium. The landlord’s ability to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent due to the COVID-19 emergency, is suspended until the Local Emergency is repealed.


CAP Revisions/Recommendations/Questions: Need to explicitly say that the payment plan will be respected after the moratorium; without this it can imply that the payment plan doesn’t give the tenant protections after the moratorium.


 3. This Resolution shall go into effect immediately upon adoption and shall terminate and be of no further force and effect upon the repeal of the Local Emergency. This Resolution, unless the Local Emergency has been repealed, shall be reviewed by the City Council in 60 days.

CAP Revisions/Recommendations/Questions: In this section, need to explicitly say that the the payment plan will be respected after the moratorium. 






ISSUE: Suspend the utility shut-offs for a thirty-day period, with the option to extend, and discuss other economic relief measures to safeguard rent-burdened families and small-businesses. 



That the City Council: 


1. Direct the City Manager to suspend discontinuance of water, electric, sewer and refuse utility service for non-payment for a period of thirty-days, and to extend that time period if still in a declared local emergency. 


CAP Revisions/Recommendations/Questions: change from 30 days to 90 days and include a spread out payment plan for a year, after the suspension ends. 


2. Discuss other possible economic relief measures for low-income residents and local small businesses. 

CAP Revisions/Recommendations/Questions: none


(COVID 19 resolution Addendums):

-Rent forgiveness for 90 days or at least give the tenant to pay rent and city fees and services


-No required notification: We are in a middle of an epidemic and don’t need a letter we are economically strained and can’t pay rent.





Lead signer, California Partnership



United Domestic Workers

TODEC Legal Center

Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice

TruEvolution Inc

Riverside County National Organization for Women

SBX Youth & Family Services

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, Inland Empire Chapter

LULAC Riverside Council 3190

Inland Empire Democratic Socialist of America

Inland Congregations United for Change

Universalist Unitarian Church of Riverside

Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice

Community Advocates and Riverside Residents

Elizabeth Ayala

Rabbi Suzanne Singer

Kevin Akin

David Kronenfeld

Judy Kronenfeld,

Diana Goldman

Bill Oppenheim 

Roslyn and Marc Jones

Marc Feldstein

Kara Crohn

Gayle Webb

Carol Johnson

Dan Straus

Charlene McKinley Powell

Tiffany Farris

Lee Greer, Board President Universalist Unitarian Church of Riverside

Adam Wedeking, Chair, Social & Environmental Justice Committee Universalist Unitarian Church of Riverside