Community Response Riverside County Budget

Our community needs to advocate for the programs and services that reflect our values. Join us in this action and inspire more people to get involved in the county. On August 28th join us by letting the board of Supervisors know that we expect to play a role in our county’s budget process at the next Riverside County Board of Supervisors meeting.

Hosted by California Partnership
Co Hosts:
Coachella Valley Immigrant Dignity Coalition, TODEC Legal Center, United Domestic Workers, Riverside Alliance of Boys and Men of color, Sigma Beta Xi, LULAC Riverside, APALA Inland Empire Chapter, SEIU 721, RAOUON, Starting Over Inc., Club Social Hacer USA, ACLU, Comite Latino, Latino Health Mental Commission, Lideres Campesinas, Promotoras Siempre Unidos, The Street Life Project, Courageous Resistance, CCAEJ.