Agenda Item 2:
"Receive a Report on the County of San Bernardino's COVID-19 Homeless Emergency Hotel/Motel Response Planning and Provide Direction to Staff Accordingly."

Homeless people need a place to shelter in general but during the COVID-19 pandemic it is even more important. The city is offering 50 hotel rooms for the county to use (paid for by the State of California) when the city has more than 600 homeless people in San Bernardino City alone.  Please call and ask San Bernardino City Council to Direct their staff to enter into an agreement with the county as soon as possible. This should have been done already. The City’s zoning restrictions or approval from the City Manager prior to utilizing “any new hotel or motel for temporary emergency lodging” is not an emergency response. Please get this done now so fewer people are exposed to the virus. The City of San Bernardino has more than 600 homeless people alone so room for 50 is not near enough and the country's plan to house 300 people countywide is also a very weak response (especially as the State is paying for most of it) but 50 is better than zero. The city and the county should do a lot more.

Call the San Bernardino City Council. Please make a comment before 4:30 PM today:

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